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“A theatre company

renowned for doing important work.”  

- Toronto Life -


“The ACME Theatre Co.

has filled a niche in this theatre-rich town

by staging some of the bleakest, most disturbing,

and most important plays

in the British & and American avant-garde repertoire.”  

- The Star -





CROOK BACK DICKY  adapted from the works of  Shakespeare

directed by Dean Gabourie


Sid Vicious + Shakespeare  = LOVE! - Fringe blog


A stroke of genius…a high-concept, punk rock adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III, deserves credit for its imagination and showmanship …accessible and fast-paced. Shakespeare is rolling in his grave, but at least he's getting some exercise. 

- EYE Magazine


The multimedia piece fascinates… - NOW Magazine NNNN


Fantastic show…the execution is brilliant...I adored it and recommend it to anyone who wants to see interesting theatre.

- The National Post




THE WATER CRAWLERS by Geoff Kavanagh

directed by Dean Gabourie


Water’s True Poetry…In a language of myth and commonplace poetry that has the relentless tug of an undertow, Geoff Kavanagh’s thoughtful drama The Water Crawlers tells the tale of a foursome moving forward, though not always together. Stephan Droege’s set contrasts yesterday’s purity and today’s pollution…Director Dean Gabourie and the cast know how to provide layers of heartfelt emotion.

- NOW Magazine NNNN 




ST. NICHOLAS by Conor McPherson

directed by Dean Gabourie


One the most sophisticated pieces of writing in the whole festival… the piece works so well because McPherson is a first-rate storyteller, and in Adam Bramble – working under Dean Gabourie’s sharp direction – he has a performer with a knack for drawing us into his tales and the ability to make the speaker an increasingly complex figure with the thoughts to share on the power of art, love, and dreams.

- NOW Magazine NNNN




STATES OF SHOCK by  Sam Shepard

directed by David Oiye


Darkly humorous…unusual…tough…the effort is worth watching. The vitriol, the wit, and the nonsense of it all makes States of Shock a hugely powerful piece. - The Globe & Mail ****



GOLGO by Howard Barker

directed by Peter Hinton


I loved the play and this production! Golgo excites with beauty and elegance…the performances are splendid, I was captivated and exhausted by Golgo. It is a new era of theatre-making…difficult but so bloody intelligent and exciting, I can’t recommend it enough. - Classical 96 FM



LINE by Israel Horovitz

directed by David Oiye


Landmark Line fits the bill! Over the past few years, the ACME Theatre Co. has filled a niche in this theatre rich town by staging some of the bleakest most disturbing plays in the British and American avante-garde repertoire. - The Toronto Star



MARAT / DeSADE by Peter Weiss as devised by Greg Kramer

directed by Greg Kramer, Jacquie PA Thomas, Laura J. Forth

The Umbrella FactoryACME Theatre Co., Theatre Afful, Theatre AsylumTheatre Complete, Theatre Gargantua


Seeing this play left me badly shaken. I was treated to the most gripping theatrical performance I had ever seen. I want to thank The Umbrella Factory for their outstanding work. - letter to NOW Magazine


Dora Mavor Moore Nomination, Outstanding Production




SAVED by Edward Bond

directed by Colin Taylor

Once Banned, Play Rises Again! At a remove of twenty-five years and with the excellent production, which the ACME Theatre Co. has just opened, it is possible to appreciate the clarity and even the beauty of the production. - The Globe & Mail 


Two Dora Mavor Moore Nominations, Oustanding Performance

Colleen Williams, Awarded Outstanding Performance




SAVAGE IN LIMBO by John Patrick Shanley

directed by Linda Matassa


ACME debut reveals strong acting talent. - NOW Magazine


These ACME types have made an impressive entrance, which should be seen by their peers as an example of how good theatre can be accomplished under minimal conditions. - Metropolis Magazine



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