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FOUNDED in 1989




“A theatre company renowned for doing important work.”  

- Toronto Life -





Our Mission:


To achieve the literal translation of our name – ACME – highest point or stage. ACME Theatre Co. explores issues of social, moral and political significance – creating "theatre of the mind & for the soul " through our fearless exploration of 'text' and uncompromising artistic vision.



ACME Theatre Co. achieves this mission through the pursuit of the following objectives:



To expand the traditional definition of theatrical production through the use of established theatrical practices, visual dramaturgy and new technologies to explore rarely produced texts.


To create new interpretations of works from the established international dramatic repertoire as well as original Canadian works.


To foster the development of Canadian theatre artists by providing them with opportunities to participate in the collaborative creation of our art.


To provide educational opportunities for theatre practitioners in the early stages of their development.


To continue to nurture our relationship with our audience in Toronto as well as seek out a broader national and international audience through co-productions and touring.




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