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PRESS FILEDean Gabourie Director


THE WEEKEND HEALER by Bryden MacDonald

The Weekend Healer is akin to watching a slow-motion car accident - it will leave you shaken and raw. But it is a story so beautifully written, skillfully acted, and expertly directed that although you may want to, you will not be able to turn away. - The Coast

Bryden's MacDonald's searing family drama The Weekend Healer played to sold-out audiences and tore out hearts - Local

The Weekend Healer was named as one of the Top shows of 2016 by Local Xpress (Halifax, N.S.)

The Weekend Healer was named as one of the Top Five shows of 2016 by The Coast (Halifax, N.S.)


                      Outstanding Direction Nomination, 2016 Robert Merritt Awards


THE CASTLE by Howard Barker


His (Barker's) text requires close listening, and happily, director Dean Gabourie explicates the emotional arc of this sometimes knotty story in masterly fashion. He draws fine performances from his cast in roles large and small, never allowing the language to become a mushy assault of meaningless words. 

- NOW Magazine


THE THRILL by Judith Thompson

The actors, and director Dean Gabourie, present raw, honest, imperfect characters who are struggling to maintain the love, meaning, and dignity in their lives. This play is moving and thought-provoking. It makes you laugh and cry equally heartily-just as life does sometimes. -



Dean Gabourie's direction is flawless - Globe & Mail


Under Dean Gabourie’s adroit direction, The Best Brothers fills its space, physically and spiritually.

- National Post

Director Dean Gabourie keeps The Best Brothers crisp and clean and intense as a pure dance. The pacing allows you to see inside the characters’ hearts, however briefly, between bursts and intercuts of dialogue.

- Chronicle Herald

The Best Brothers was named as one of the Top Ten shows of 2015 by The Coast (Halifax, N.S.)


TWO GENTLEMEN of VERONA by Shakespeare

The Two Gentlemen of Verona is my favourite production at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival this year. It is hopelessly romantic, simply staged, clever yet well-developed, deep but still sweet, and ultimately brotastic. I loved every minute of it.  - My 

                               Best Director Nomination, 2010 My Theatre Awards


AS YOU LIKE IT by Shakespeare

The Hilberry Rep's guest director, Dean Gabourie, delivers a slick and well-acted comedy, which transports the Elizabethan world into the Depression-era of 1930’s America. - Encore Michigan


Gabourie's superb work is getting his actors to understand and comfortably deliver every word…it is the contrasts that director Gabourie latches onto and has the most fun with. - Pridesource Detroit


CROOK BACK DICKY adapted from the works of Shakespeare

Sid Vicious + Shakespeare = LOVE! - Fringe blog


A stroke of genius…a high-concept, punk rock adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III, deserves credit for its imagination and showmanship. - EYE Magazine

The multimedia piece fascinates… - NOW Magazine


Fantastic show…the execution is brilliant...a fantastic performance…it’s obvious the creative team understands this play. I am not a huge fan of Richard III but I adored this and recommend it for anyone who wants to see interesting theatre. - The National Post

THE GOAT (or who is Sylvia?) by Edward Albee

The Goat explodes with Comedy, Tragedy, and Horror! Director Dean Gabourie has a masterful command of Albee's conversational rhythms and climactic confrontations. The cast is, in a word, superb...miss The Goat at your peril; it's going to be the most talked-about play in Halifax for months. - The Daily News


AUDIENCE by Vaclav Havel

“The Actors played your text with such passion and such a depth of feeling that Patricia and I were moved to tears. It was a truly memorable moment and great Theatre. “

- An open letter to Vaclav Havel from his Canadian translator, Paul Wilson.


AWAKE and SING by Clifford Odets

A superbly staged production! The nine-member cast does Odet's script justice, evoking his street slang, his layered characters, and their desire for hope, by delivering each line with passion. - Canadian Jewish News


BEREAV'D of LIGHT by Ian Ross

Under Dean Gabourie's direction, Bereav'd of Light, is excellently acted... - National Post


Gabourie directs the play with both skill and style… - The Star



An enlightened and intelligent production yet highly entertaining, a drama definitely worth seeing, seamless and clear. - NOW Magazine


THE WATER CRAWLERS by Geoff Kavanagh

The best thing about The Water Crawlers is its visual poetry...Dean Gabourie's direction gives the play its visual definition. - The National Post


The Water Crawlers is directed with expressionistic force and lyrical tenderness. - EXTRA Magazine


THE BUNDLE by Edward Bond

Gabourie's production plays with the physicality of the actors and the rigor in the text it's thought, the execution of ideas are paralleled in Gabourie's Brechtian concept and direction. - NOW Magazine


ST. NICHOLAS by Conor McPherson

Critics Pick: Director Dean Gabourie pulls out all the dramatic stops. - NOW Magazine


ALTARPIECES by Melissa Bell

Under Dean Gabourie's direction the performances are carefully crafted, so seamless they make you feel like you haven't seen any acting at all. - The Toronto Sun

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